– Nov ’12

Startup Bus is this awesome hackathon road trip and it just happened that Josh and my travels coincided with Startup Bus Europe 2012.  So we applied and got accepted on the Danish bus.  What happens in a Startup Bus, is different people get selected for the bus, then on the first morning everyone meets up, gets on a bus and hits the road.  It gets going with people getting up and each pitching an idea, then after everyone has pitched you have to recruit at least 2 people for your idea to be selected.  So basically people are pitching and recruiting 🙂  Anyway, I had been learning the Piano, namely Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey and I wanted to teach that to the world.  Josh and I teamed up with Patrick and Thomas and following awesome ness ensued.  Out of the 20+ teams we got second 🙂  Meet

While developing we put up a teaser video:

And then there is the Mortifying Launch Video 🙂

The team at work!



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