Bootstrappers Anonymous – ’12

I really like working / hanging with other startup people and wanted to start some sort of group that was like the dinners of YC with out the funding process.  I met Jonathan and he was thinking the same thing and so we decided to create it.  The goal of the group will be to create something of value to the start up community and to test different hypothese on what that will be.  I will include links to them as they go. To join the group visit our meet up page.

Meeting #2b  Call – Out of 8 3 were on call.

Question : Will people get on the call?

Result : Out of 8 people on the call list, 3 answered.  Now I was using an app called crowd chat which takes in a list of numbers and call them all at the same time and then creates a conférence call with all those who answer.  It could be that a conference line where people call into / maybe are reminded by sms, would be best.

For the 3 on the call we all reported on our progress and got off the call in 10 minuts, it was a pretty successful call.

Meeting #2  Attendance 24 people

Question : Will people show up?

Result : Out of the 24, 9 people were returners.  So that is an okay number but not killing it.

We also tested to see if people wanted to do a call the next week because there is a week between meetings.  Out of my group of 8, all eight said yes and gave their contact numbers.   So that is a good sign.

Meeting #1  Attendance 21 people

Question : Do start up founders want content or accountability?

Result : Accountability.

Read Jonathans Write Up

Meeting Overview


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