WorkRoom – ’12

After Proven I wanted to get started on another project and was interested in the team productivity / employment space.  So I started a project called WorkRoom.

The idea was to build a facebook app that allowed people to collaborate with their coworkers inside of facebook without having to be friends with them.  This was based on the fact that with productivity apps the biggest problem is getting your coworkers to user them and actually go to the website.  The insight to this was that everyone visits facebook at work.  So instead of a boss fighting you to stop using facebook, allow people to work inside of facebook.

The version 1 of the app, allows people to create a team, then allows them to have a to do list and a communal messaging wall.

Here is the current version.  You can try it out on Facebook

I did some user testing and then designed a second version that incorporated a time feed for activity. So that you could see who was working when, trying to recreate the knowledge you get from working next to someone at an office (who came in when, who when to lunch when, when did a person finish a task) in a user friendly manner.

What was interesting about Facebook as well, is that with most productivity software, you sign up with your work email address.  But with this if you signed up with facebook, we would have your personal email address / identity.  So this way if you left your company, you could bring your previous accomplishments / work history with you.

This type of data about the daily work habits of individuals would be very valuable information to sell to recruiters.

Think about it as your github / dribbble account for the rest of the world whose main job is just to show up and get things done.

For launching it, I figured it would be best to appeal to the remote working crowd in SF coffee shops.  I designed this mug to give people with a card in it to get them to sign up / start talking about WorkRoom.

I ended up moving on from the project as I was not interested in the productivity space and instead wanted to actually create a product people buy as opposed to improving the facilitation of an already existing process.

I still have a couple of these mugs… 🙂


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