d.school – Y2 – ’08 to ’09

For my second year at Stanford I focused on a one year design project.  I decided to focus on systems of wealth creation.  I decided to focus on working with day laborers.  I partnered with the wonderful Day Worker Center of Mountain View.  The above video is the first half of my final presentation which covers my second year of my masters.

Over the course of the year I developed a website that the day worker center could use to take work orders over the web.

I also implemented ways of getting feedback from the employers on how things went and how to improve the process.

My program every year has something called personal statements.  It is a time when the graduating class spends two weeks to create something and then there is a big party where all the alumni are invited and the graduating students are introduced to the design community and they show their creations.  I created an art piece that communicated the sanctity of the transaction.

I started with the idea of using light.  So I rented a search light and started to play with it.  When I draped cloth over it I saw that it made it explode with light.  I then decided to use that to communicate my message.

I wrote a short book on my thoughts on how to design the future of education and I sold copies of that book for $.25 over the podium that I built.  In the center of the podium was a search light and as the transaction took place both parties hands were submerged in light.

This is the book I sold copies of.

View this document on Scribd

This is the alter after everyone had left.

And for some more small footage of what the design space was like :

We also produced a Yearbook.  And managed to get up to some trouble… 🙂


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