d.school – Y1- ’07 to ’08

The above video is an overview of my first year.  The projector went out mid way through my presentation but if you skip ahead to 4:30 the presentation continues.

For my first at Stanford I did a variety of design projects.  My most involved project was for IDE in the Design for Extreme Affordability class at the d.school. We worked on reducing the cost of a deep lift rope and washer pump.  Our design changed the hand powered version into a petal powered version and reduced the price in half.

The below picture was of my design / art work that I completed durring the year.   Clockwise from the top right : a sculpture I created in a week for our personal statements presentation, a pen in the design language of Maya Lin, a retractable bike seat cover I made out of fabric and cast materials, a stool that reflects me as a person.

View this document on Scribd

Included in the first year, was all the work I did to get in.  Besides the essays / letters of rec. you have to submit a portfolio.  I spent about 3 months on mine. I made a case and embedded a dvd player in it and then authored a dvd that was me introducing you to different parts of my portfolio.  So that the reviewer could plug it in and it would be like me guiding them through the narrative of my work.

Here is what it looked like and the opening experience.

In it, from left was 3 project summaries with documents of my entire process and result, the class journal from auditing a undergrad stanford product design class and then finally my idea log for the previous year (each page had a drawing of the product/service).

I drove my application down and delivered it with 15mins to spare.  This is what my room looked like afterwards…


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