Joe’s Pickles – ’93 to ’00

So when I was 11 I made some pickles with my grandmother.  3 months later everyone I gave them to loved them and for the next 8 years my nick name was the “Pickle Boy.”  I went on to make 500 jars per summer and sell them at the San Anselmo Country Day Fair, as well as on the internet with the webpage I built in sophomore computer class.

I went on to get featured in local media, including my first TV interview.

I really liked the business.  Pickles were very easy to grow and produce as a part time job.  The plants fruit every 3-4 days over a 2 month period so I could work for the summer a couple of nights per week and make about 30 jars in 2-3 hours.  With cost of materials being under a dollar and the retail price being $4 it meant I was making $20-$30 dollars per hour which wasn’t bad for a teenager.

The only down side is cucumbers need to be watered daily.


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