Tictasks.com – ’09 to ’10

Upon graduating from Stanford I wanted to keep working on my wealth creation project. So I started, I launched a bad site trying to help day laborers find work online. I quickly teamed up with my business partner, Pablo, and we started to work together.  Our idea was to charge a lead generation fee for people to do small jobs.  Here are initial prototypes of the site.

The idea was to focus on very specific tasks and make them easy to pay for.

We launched a basic wordpress site and spent hours at homedepot and stanford football games putting flyers on cars and trying to get a business going.  Here is our first site.

What we learn from this is that home owners have a very low life time value as they only use services like this very infrequently.  The people who used temporary labor frequently were contractors.
But contractors wanted the temp employee to be on someone else’s payroll.  From this we discovered Labor Ready and the billion dollar blue collar staffing industry. So after 8 months of working on TicTasks, we changed the name to WorkerExpress and decided to build a branchless construction staffing agency.


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