WorkerExpress – ’10 to ’11

With the new direction, we closed funding and opened our branchless staffing agency. There were many challenges that I worked on. What we had to do is remotely hire someone, then assure that person has the right skills for the job and that they show up and do good work and don’t get hurt.

It was a crash course in employment law, staffing operations and how to sell services in the construction industry.

We built an sms timecard system where workers text messaged us to clock in and out of a job. We then used cell tower triangulation to confirm that they were actually at the job site. After running this business for 8 months we learned that what determines growth in staffing is a companies sales strategy, and what sustains a blue collar or industrial staffing agency is the management of accounts receivable and workers compensation. We realized that none of our systems could be competitive on these factors.
But what we did well was provide an amazing online hiring experience. So we decided to focus on that.

Some of the concepts that we explored, was the verification of skill-sets (similarly to the union system)

In the process we did some great press.  We were featured in Fast Company, Business Week and the San Francisco Chronicle.

We actually built some cool technology around geo locating of cellphones in our time and attendance monitoring system.  Since we were no longer using it and had interested we spun it out as another business: MagicTimecard.  Here is the design I created for that business.


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