UC Berkeley – ’00 to ’05

Berkeley was an amazing experience.  I was undeclared for as long as possible (senor year) and I took a variety of classes in everything from art to Buddhist film studies.  I ended up majoring in physics because I really enjoyed being around really smart people and tackling hard problems.  The above picture was my last physics homework assignment.  We decided to complete it in a celebratory crayola fashion.  It was a quantum mechanics class with John Clarke, who very well be a future nobel laureate and helped to develop the physics behind MRI’s.

While at Berkeley I had a variety of jobs including working for Honest Tea, being the President of my Co-Op and my favorite a science birthday clown at the Lawrence Hall of Sciences.  The job basically entailed showing animals to 6 year olds for their birthday parties.  The fat tailed gecko and the Chinchilla were the favoriet attractions.

I think my favorite experience at Berkeley was when I saw this flyer.   I rallied my ultimate frisbee team to help search local dumpsters for materials to build our soapbox car.   We ended up with the front half of a bike, a hand truck for carrying boxes and an office chair.  I had to borrow a MIG welder and proceeded to trip the breaker of my Co-Op multiple times but we ended up with a 3 wheeled gravity powered gocart that blew the competition away.


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